Staying Creative for LARP During Lockdown

As I write this, we’re well into lockdown number three here in the UK, and there’s every possibility that there could be more after this one. It’s been teb months since all of the larger LARP events (and many smaller ones too) were put into suspended animation. For many larpers that also means that it’s been almost a whole year since they really worked on anything to do with their character. There hasn’t been the usual, frenetic, week-before activity that you’d usually see as players put their ideas into motion, and frantically crafted costume and props well into the night. And while it might have seemed like endless hours stuck at home was a great opportunity to get crafting done and costume made, the reality is that many larpers have faced financial difficulties of some kind over the course of this global pandemic. Being creative every day Over the course of the pandemic, I’ve found that being a bit creative on a regular basis has really helped me stay in a good mood while stuck at home. A small project that I can do at my desk while on conference calls, or in front of the TV is a really … Continue reading Staying Creative for LARP During Lockdown